York Groupwork

"... a unique, flexible way of thinking about and working with groups .. "

York Groupwork Ltd promotes the benefits of the group analytic approach in health, social care, education and community settings.

We do this by offering:

Group Psychotherapy

Offering a unique opportunity to take part in group therapy in a way that is affordable and time-efficient – Block Therapy groups.  Please note that the block therapy groups offered by York Groupwork are continuing, even though the courses are ending in June 2023.


Providing in-house professional development opportunities and support tailored to your organisation’s needs – including bespoke workshops; staff supervision; team away days and consultancy.

Our Courses

The 2022-23 courses will be the last run by York Groupwork.  Information about other centres offering Foundation and Diploma Courses in Group Analysis is available at Institute of Group Analysis

Please contact us to find out more about any of the services described on this site – or if you think we may be able to help you in other ways.