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We have designed and our website to offer some options to help you find your way arounf the site more easily.  We aim for our website to conform to World Wide Web Consortium accessibility standards, however there are some things you can do that may make your experience of using our site even better:

Skipping to Content and Menus

On every page we have included links visible to screen readers, that will allow the screen reader user to skip to specific locations on the page.  These being

  • Top of the page
  • To the main content
  • To the primary/main menu
  • To the secondary/footer menu


Resizing the Text

  • You can resize the font size by clicking on the  button.  This will increase the text size within the main content area.  Pressing again will increase the size further, up to a size of approx 30px.
  • The text size can also be reduced by clicking on the button.  Pressing again will decrease the size further, down to the default font size.
  • You can also reset the text size back to the default size by clicking the  button.
  • If you prefer to view the page without all the graphics and styling, press the  button to view the site in a ‘Text only’ mode.


Changing the Colour Scheme

Along with the text only view, the site can be viewed in one of 3 colour schemes.

  • Default style.  The  button shows the site with the default colour styling.
  • High Contrast Style.  The  button will change the colour styling to an alternative high contrast colour scheme.
    • The colour contrast has a ratio of 7.0 : 1
  • High Contrast Style.  The  button will change the colour styling to another alternative high contrast colour scheme.
    • The colour contrast has a ratio of 7.4 : 1.

Customising your computer

AbilityNet and the BBC have developed a number of tutorials which tell you how to customise your computer to give you a better experience when using the web. For example, you can find out how to:

  • change how information is shown on your screen, to get more on, or to see content more clearly
  • change colours and fonts, a good idea if you have a visual impairment and need more contrast
  • adapt the mouse, for example, to slow it down, make the pointer bigger, or if you’re left-handed
  • change a variety of keyboard settings, including the rate at which the cursor blinks

Go to AbilityNet for more information, or My Web My Way to see the tutorials.


Useful Accessibility Links

You can download free software from the web, and find out about accessibility features for a variety of systems. Select the links below: