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What is Group Analysis?

Group Analysis is a unique, flexible way of thinking about and working with groups that was developed initially by Dr S.H. Foulkes.

He brought together ideas from social psychology, gestalt psychology, systems theory and psycho-analysis to work with traumatised soldiers following the second world war.

His discoveries about the therapeutic capacities and power of groups led him to establish, with colleagues, the Group-Analytic Society (London) in 1952, and later the Institute of Group Analysis.

Today, there are Group-Analytic Societies across the world, and within the U.K. group analysis is widely applied within the NHS and in private practice.

The Group-Analytic Society (London) publishes a quarterly journal and organises international symposia, conferences and workshops on themes of interest to those working with groups.  www.groupanalyticsociety.co.uk.

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